Staff Spotlight-Wendy Stong

Staff Spotlight-Wendy Stong
Posted on 10/07/2019

"Mrs. Stong brings a great deal of excitement to her classroom.  Her energy and enthusiasm is evident as she has already increased the number of students interested in the band program."

-CEMS Principal, Mrs. Jones

Band and Music Teacher
Carlisle Elementary and Middle School

About Mrs. Stong:
Wendy Stong is excited to begin her teaching career at Carlisle Elementary and Middle School! She teaches elementary and middle school music and serves as the middle school band director. 

Mrs. Stong graduated from Rockville Jr. Sr. High. After high school, she began her music career at Ball State University, with the dream of becoming a music teacher.

Following three years at Ball State, she transferred to Indiana State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in Music Education.

Why she enjoys teaching:
“I love teaching because I get to share the joy of music with all of these kids,” Mrs. Stong explained. “I love seeing these students experience music in so many different ways, I love seeing them grow into their own unique and special individuals, and I love that I get to help be a part of that process,” she added.

“Each student that comes into my classroom has the opportunity to leave with just a little more than they had before. I get to see that happen every single day, and that’s a beautiful thing.” 

Goals for the CEMS music program:
“My plans for the elementary music program are to get these kids to become tuneful, beatful, and artful human beings by doing and experiencing music,” she said.

“Being tuneful means being able to have tunes in their heads and being able to learn to coordinate their voices to sing those tunes. Beatful means being able to feel the pulse of music and how that pulse is grouped into either twos or threes. People who are artful have the ability to be moved by music in the many ways music can elicit an emotional response.” 

She continued, “All adults by the age of 30 should be tuneful, beautiful, and artful so they can participate in the music that is present in many aspects of their lives. My goal is to get our kids on that track—doing and LOVING music.”

The goals for band include growing the band and increasing performance opportunities. “So far we have made it to possibly 15 band members at Carlisle. I am happy with growth, and I think so far we are off to a great start. I would like to offer some good performance opportunities for the kids, too—things like sporting events, school rallies,” she said. “Anything to give these students an opportunity to share what they are working on is a win in my book.” 

Mrs. Stong explained, “My ultimate goal here at Carlisle is to shed more light on the music program and what it has to offer. Whether it is band, general music, or even other programs that might come in the future, I want Carlisle to be a place where music enhances the experience of the students, the teachers, and even the community.”

Favorite teaching moment: 
“It is hard to choose just a few. Everyday there are a handful of them!” she said.

“I would say that so far, one of my favorite teaching moments was when I had a student who did not believe he had a singing voice. I explained to him that music was in our DNA and everyone had a singing voice—he just needed to find it. Later that class, I heard him humming tunes to himself to the music we were dancing to. I looked up excited and said, ‘That’s it! That’s your singing voice, and it is lovely!! Don’t be afraid of it…own it!’ He was super excited and said, ‘Really, it is?’ I shook my head yes.”

“I am so glad I got to be a part of that discovery! Everyone has a singing voice, and I hope I get to continue to help kids find their own unique one.”

When you are not teaching, how do you enjoy spending your time?
“When I am not teaching, I love to hang out with friends and family. There is nothing better than being surrounded by those you love. I also love hiking and running.”

She added, “Fun fact, I am also a clogger (though it has been a while since I’ve gotten to practice). If I had time, though, that would certainly be up there! I also do enjoy my fair share of Netflix and Hulu series! Can’t go wrong there!”

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